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A Blue-Black Wine or Jelly Grape
Similar Varieties: Steuben, Buffalo, Concord

price - A Blue-Black Wine or Jelly Grape

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   Ripens Early September  --  Very popular grape for juice & jelly. Makes a very fruity concord style wine.


  Usage Notes  --  Wine, Jelly, Juice, Table  -- 

An early, blue, concord type grape with compact clusters, flavor is sweet and mildly foxy.

Many people come to our vineyard and want "only concord grapes" to make jelly. Then I tell them the concord may not be ripe yet but take a look at Price. Although some customers only want concord, most people really like the sweeter flavor of Price.

Price Winemaking Recipes...


  Variety Info -- Price. A complex blue hybrid from VPI (Virginia Polytechnic Institute).

For those who like Concord as a table grape, the flavor of Price is a refined version of Concord. The clusters are small, but the Concord-size berries have juicy, tender, very sweet flesh, and skin that is much more tender and less astringent than Concord. Where Concord has sugar of 16 degres Brix, Price can achieve 22 degrees Brix..

Three clusters per shoot is not unusual, either. The vine is productive, with good vigor. It ripens very early, and it's one that deserves trial for cool, short growing seasons everywhere.

Reported hardy to -25 degrees F, with good general disease resistance.


pricevineyard s

Where is Price in the vineyard? - Click here or on the map image for a larger view.


  • Rows 6 & 7

Each row has about 50 vines.

Rows 6 & 7 were part of the original vineyard planted in 1983.

Most customers really like Price as an alternative to concord.



    Where can I Purchase Price Wine?

I have not seen Price wine sold in stores. It is very unique and most Price grapes go to the fresh market.

It may be included (but not on the label) of many wines that have a fruity, sweeter finish.

Please visit our Winery Locator Page to find wineries which make this kind of wine....


price - A Blue-Black Wine or Jelly Grape
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