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A Blue-Black Wine or Jelly Grape
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steuben A Blue-Black Wine or Jelly Grape

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   Ripens Late September  --  A blue-black grape ripening shortly after concord. Produces long, tapering, compact clusters that are among the most attractive of all dessert varieties. The flavor is sweet with a spicy tang. Makes a nice red or white dessert wine.


  Usage Notes  --  Wine, Jelly, Juice, Table  -- 

Steuben Grape (Ambrosia) 

Blue, black grape which is crushed and by pressing off the juice after a few hours gives the wine a beautiful pink color with a beautiful spicy aroma and floral overtones.

It has large berries that are very sweet, spicy, and full of flavor with hints of cranberry and honey. 

Steuben is a perfect match with Muenster cheese and can be served with smoked meats, Chinese food, turkey, ham and game meats. Many people traditionally serve Steuben with their Thanksgiving meal

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 Variety Info -- Steuben (Wayne x Sheridan).

From Cornell's Geneva, New York experiment station. Big handsome clusters of large blue slipskin grapes that make excellent juice and are good eaten fresh.

Steuben's flavor is fruity and with a spicy character that is distinctly different and better than Concord.

If it had been released soon after it's development, it might have been a star. However, Steuben was kept in testing so long that when it was finally released, seedless grapes had become popular, making widespread acceptance of Steuben unlikely.

Resists cracking. Ripens about with Concord. The vines have good vigor and an open growth habit that makes them easy to train.

Consistently has two good clusters per shoot. In addition, Steuben has good general disease resistance and it will often have bright fall leaf color. A particularly nice grape for an arbor.

Hardy to at least -20F, though some reports suggest it's hardier than that. Train it to cordons and prune the spurs to two buds.

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steubenvineyard s

Where is Steuben in the vineyard? - Click here or on the map image for a larger view.


  • Row 5

Each row has about 50 vines.

Rows 5 was part of the original vineyard planted in 1983.

Steuben is a great addition to our vineyard as a late concord type that is slightly different.


    Where can I Purchase Steuben Wine & Vines?

I have not seen Steuben wine sold in stores. It is very unique and most Steuben grapes go to the fresh market.

It may be included (but not on the label) of many wines that have a fruity, sweeter finish.

I have had some very nice home made white or rose' Steuben wines that have been excellent. However they are not available for purchase.


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steuben - A Blue-Black Wine or Jelly Grape

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