Suffolk Red Seedless 
Michigan U-Pick Grapes

A Seedless Table Grape

suffolk red seedless table grapes


  Ripens Mid September  --  A red, seedless, dessert variety developed in Geneva, NY. The large bunches are loose, but the berries are crisp and tasty.



  Usage Notes  --  Table

The Suffolk Grape Red, Vitis labrusca 'Suffolk', produces large loss clusters of very round, medium sized red grapes.

These grapes are seedless, have very tender skin and are delicious eaten fresh or cooled down as a dessert.

The Suffolk grape ripens a couple weeks earlier than the Concord grape.

This grape is moderately winter hardy and can be used for table or commercial uses.

Grapevines can be ornamental, and are valuable as shade or screen plants in the home or landscape.

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 Variety Info

  • Variety: Suffolk Red
  • Color: Bright Pink
  • Hardiness: Medium-Tender
  • Growing Season: 145
  • Special Problems: Excessive vigor
  • Uses: Excellent quality fruit.
  • Remarks: Grows vigorously on sandy loams, but will not set a crop. Recommended for heavier soils.

Suffolk Red produces medium to large clusters of mild-flavored red berries. The clusters are loose but may be made more compact with the use of gibberellic acid or cane girdling.

Winter damage is often a problem except on Long Island, where the variety is successfully cultured.

Excessive vine vigor may occur following poor crops and winter bud damage. Cluster weight = 0.32 lb. Berry weight = 2.7 g


suffolkvineyard s

Where is Suffold Red in the vineyard? - Click here or on the map image for a larger view.


  • Rows 22 to 26

Each row has about 50 vines.

Rows 22 to 26 were part of the original vineyard planted in 1983.

Suffolk is not as sensitive to bird damage as other varieties.

I always get a little winter damage in these rows and sometimes you may see a replacement vine that is Reliance or Lakemont.



    Where can I Purchase Suffolk Red?

Suffolk Red wine is not sold in stores. You will have to make it yourselves.

I have used it in some fruity white wine blends.

It may be included (but not on the label) of many wines that have a fruity, sweeter finish.


suffolk red seedless table grapes

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