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Honeyflow Tattler - Our Fall 2023 Newsletter

4939 Mill Road - Dryden, Michigan 48428
810-796-3253   (Farm, Message & Residence)

Farm Opens Saturday, Sept 2, 2023
(No Longer open on Fridays) - Sat & Sundays Only

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The farm will open Saturday, Sept 3rd this year.  No longer open on Fridays.  Saturdays & Sundays Only 9:00 to 6:00  Dust out your baskets, pails and crushers!

A spring freeze has limited the amount of grapes this year but most varieties of grapes are still available.
There are over 15 varieties of grapes to choose from when you come to our farm to pick.

We sell honey only in quarts and gallons that we fill from our honey house. WHOLESALE RATES! THE MORE HONEY YOU BUY, THE BETTER THE PRICE - All of our honey is locally produced from our farm and neighboring farms.

Great crop of COMB HONEY this year. 3 sizes, 12 oz Chunk Comb in jar, 4 in squares and new this year is a smaller 2 x 4 inch "Half Square". Comb honey is usually very hard to get - but we have a good supply



Picking Tips ...
Small pruning shears are ideal for picking grapes.  You may bring your own or we will provide grape knives along with bags. Our grape knives are for adult use only.  Heavy dew on the grass will make rubber boots useful for morning picking.

Commodity Prices ----- U-Pick Grapes & Honey


Our grape prices are designed for winemakers. JOIN OUR PREMIUM PICKERS LIST! Just a few more bushels at every level can increase your discount. Friends can join together to get a better rate. Every visit to the vineyard this year will decrease your cost.​ 


We no longer fill containers from a tank at the stand. We now sell honey only in quarts, gallons and pails that we fill from our honey house. WHOLESALE RATES! THE MORE HONEY YOU BUY, THE BETTER THE PRICE. The Customers Effective Price is close to what it was when we had our bulk tank. 

​1 to 39lb
​Table Grapes
​1-3 gallons wine
Sale Price  
40 - 199 lb
1-5 bushel
gallons wine
​1-3 (3lb) Quarts
​$19.75 ea
200 - 499 lb
5 to 13 bushel
gallons wine
​4-11 (3lb) Quarts 
​$19.00 ea
500+ lbs
40 or more gallons wine
​12 or more (3lb) Quarts
​$18.00 ea
​1-3 Gallon Jugs  (12lb)
​$66.75 ea
​4 or more Gallon Jugs  (12lb)
​$65.75 ea
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Convenient Hours - Open September 2 to Mid October
every Saturday & Sunday
9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m



Remember! Our season is very short - only 6-7 weekends this year - mark your calendars & visit us!
Check out our "Timeline" to keep you up to date...

On-Line:Visit our Picking Update Page for weekly ripening conditions.


Please visit our site and view the "Grape Pages". Every variety has it's own page with info on wine making, jelly making, crop conditions and lots more. Our e-mail newsletter will keep you up to date about all farm activities. 

Did you ever wonder what really happens each month at a "Vineyard," a "Honey Farm," or a "Candle Shop"? Our newsletter describes all of these activities. Each issue is also on our farm website at where you can subscribe to the newsletter.

Visit our on line Candle Shop.
You may now purchase more than 100 types of candles, wax items or gift boxes and have them shipped directly to your house - ALL YEAR! Visit us on line & see what we have available. Our website has expanded dramatically and we have been shipping candles to people all over the US. We will not be able to have everything at our sales stand - so if you are coming out for grapes & honey, you may want to e-mail us a candle order & I will have it ready for you. to pick up at our sales stand.

Extra Value - When you pick up candles at our sales stand, we will pay the sales tax!


Marquis - New white seedless grape - Rows 8 & 9
Himrod Seedless - White table grape - Rows 20 & 21
Suffolk Red Seedless - Rows 22 to 26

Price - Blue table grape - Rows 6 & 7
Buffalo - Large blue grape - Rows 3, 4 & 47
Concord - Blue jelly grape - Rows 1, 2, 48, 49, 83 to 86
Steuben - A late ripening blue grape - Row 5

St. Pepin - White - Germanic style wine - Rows 61 to 63
Seyval Blanc - Popular white grape - Rows 31 & 32
Vignoles - White - In high demand - Rows 38 & 39
Cayuga White - Fruity white wine - Rows 33 & 34
Horizon - A fruity, clean wine - Rows 35 & 41
Niagara - Fruity white wine - Rows 15, 58, 59, 71 & 72

Foch - Burgundy red wine - Rows 42 to 46
Rows 51 to 54 & 64 to 67 have Frontenac in the back half
& Dechaunac (a solid, popular red wine) in the front half
Frontenac - A new red wine variety - Rows 73 to 75

Our new grape CRUSHING facilities are extremely popular. (NOTE - IT IS NOT A PRESS!)

Many people took advantage of our grape crushing area last year. We acquired a crusher-destemmer that was originally used at "Bailey Vineyards" in Troy many years ago by our friend Karl Bailey. Karl & the vineyard (now a subdivision) are no longer with us but his crusher lives on!

You provide your own pails and buckets and crush the grapes yourselves, we provide the crusher-stemmer and a hose for clean up. You must pay for the grapes before crushing! After crushing you will have crushed grapes with skins in it, you will still need to press it. There is no charge for using the crusher - and we are not responsible for spilled grapes or juice.

Large amounts of grapes are quite easy to pick and you get the best price. Most pickers (depending on variety) can pick from 1 to 2 or more bushels per hour. Bring your friends and get quantity discounts. Since we no longer have grape juice available, many people now use the crusher and strainer bags. The strainer bags are very useful if you do not have a press. You can ferment right in them for red wines or for whites you can still squeeze the juice out using them. Sometimes people ferment a day on the white skins to soften them in the strainer bags. If there is still juice left in the bag, you can also try making a second run wine. Add more sugar and water and let it ferment. It will make another batch of wine - but much lighter in flavor and body.

White Wine Notes - I have had good luck the last few years with making a soft (or slightly sweetened) white wine with Cote Des Blancs yeast (or something similar.) This yeast doesn't like to ferment very much past 12%. Adjust your juice sugar level for 12% alcohol & ferment with Cote Des Blancs yeast. One month later add 8 oz. sugar per gallon of wine, then crush and add two cambden tablets per gallon, let stabilize 6 months. Many people also add one gram per gallon potassium sorbate at this time to keep it from re-fermenting.

Honey Farm NotesGood News ... When you experience the fragrance of a field of wildflowers or an orchard in full bloom, envision this captured in a jar of our pure Michigan honey. The aroma emanates from the nectar in each flower. The bees collect this sweet nectar, return it to the hive and remove the excess moisture. This distilled nectar is honey! Because of the variety of clovers, trees, wildflowers and vegetables that grow in Michigan, our bees produce a honey of exceptional quality. Our honey is un-filtered leaving all the goodness in it.

Since the honey in our quarts and gallons is raw, remember that it is normal for it to granulate in a few months
. Some honey may take longer depending on what type of flowers that the bees harvested the nectar from. If it solidifies, it is easily converted from it's granular state by placing the honey container in very hot water for a few minutes. .

Beeswax Candles ... We make Hand-dipped 100% Pure beeswax candles every winter. Each candle has been dipped 20 to 30 times into melted beeswax. Beeswax candles emit a distinctive scent and are longer burning. We produce more than 100 types of candles. Visit our on-line Candle Shop at to view our candle selection.

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